Eku (Wake) of Sabani

Historically cleyera was used as the substance. However, today it is difficult to find the materials because it has to be long enough to grind a Eku out.
Eku is not only used as a paddle, but also rudder for the skipper called "Tumunui". The unique figure and shape of the Eku are well-adapted to this operation.

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Fisherman's watertight cigaret case, wallet, and the pillow. Made of Chinaberry.

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Mikagan was invented by Yasutaro Tamagusuku, whose nickname was Edison of Itoman, was also a fisherman himself, In 1884. Mikagan has been very closely resemble to the modern goggle used in the swimming race today, though it has experienced many improvements for 120 years.

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Utilized to lave the bilge water. The bottom shape of "Youtoi" was ground to fix the Sabani's bilge curve. Trunk near the root of yellow pine was used for the substance.
Youtoi was aloso used as plate at the lunch time on board.

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