About Itoman Uminchu Koubou (Art & Craft Center)

Itoman Uminchu Art & Craft Center, is a private museum, intending to hand the regional piscatorial culture over to the next generation.

About Ken Uehara, the presidency

Collector of traditional piscatorial tools. Lives in Itoman-city, Okinawa. His farther the late Mr. Shintaro Uehara is the inventor of Nanyo-Hagi type Sabani designed to be able to build without enough wooden materials during the second world wide war in southern islands district.
Given instruction to produce Mikagan directly from Yukichi Kinjo, the last craftsman of Mikagan died in 1992, so himself makes high quality Mikagan.
Commissioner of NPO Hamasuuki. Chairman of club of Itoman Sailing Sabani.

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